Lark Lands teaches an integrated approach to diabetes that is aimed at not only living better day to day, but also at preventing to the greatest extent possible the long-term complications of the disease, or helping to reverse or slow progression of such problems where they already exist.

Diabetes is a disease which can not only be difficult to manage day to day but which can also lead to terrible complications including heart disease and circulation problems throughout the body (which can ultimately lead to heart attacks, strokes, leg amputations, and many other problems ), nerve damage in both the arms and legs (peripheral neuropathy) and the stomach and heart (autonomic neuropathy), kidney damage (too often leading ultimately to the need for dialysis and kidney transplant), eye damage (retinopathy), and a host of other problems from head to toe.

Diagnosed with severe type 1 diabetes as a child, Lark always refused to accept the pessimistic prognoses of multiple physicians who predicted such complications for her, along with a greatly shortened life span, and instead reached out for information on an integrated approach to health. She worked to integrate the best that Western medicine has to offer with all the other components of a total approach to disease, things like boosting nutrition through healthy eating and nutrient supplementation, and energy therapies (like acupuncture and acupressure and EFT and Reiki and Touch for Health and Therapeutic Touch), and physical therapies (like chiropractic and massage and strength training exercise), and mind/body approaches (like stress reduction and meditation and visualization).

The result has been that Lark not only greatly outlived all those docs’ expectations but has lived with diabetes for almost fifty years in excellent shape with very little in the way of symptoms and no significant diabetic complications. That’s right. After almost half a century with type 1 diabetes, no complications and no miserable symptoms.

As a diabetic who has always had to be concerned about the possible development of cardiac disease, Lark has long been appalled that there is so much information out there on how to help counter diabetic complications and heart disease in general and, yet, it is too often not taught to those who could greatly benefit from this knowledge. Lark has put together information on ways to help maintain health and prevent the development or worsening of heart disease and other diabetic complications. Her fundamental belief is that when you give the body what it needs to help protect itself from the damage that diabetes can cause, you can greatly help to prevent disease progression.

Lark also focuses on the day to day symptoms that can make too many diabetics miserable. Long-term problems with fatigue and digestive problems (gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea) and neuropathy (a too-frequent cause of ongoing pain and numbness) and sexual dysfunction and other recurring symptoms and problems can hugely affect quality of life. Lark has helped many diabetics counter these and other problems, significantly restoring energy, improving digestion, reversing neuropathy, improving libido and sexual function, and greatly improving overall quality of life.

Lark has given many speeches on an integrated approach to diabetes and has worked with large numbers of people individually through her over-the-phone consults. With both her speeches and consults her goal is always to educate other diabetics on this type of integrated approach to health so that they can greatly boost their chances of living both long and well.

The bottom line is that living well with diabetes by putting together a truly integrated approach to health that can help counter the development of both serious disease complications and troubling symptoms is absolutely possible.

Unfortunately, for many diabetics, the only real advice they receive on how to live with their disease relates to their use of the medications they are prescribed, their use of blood sugar meters and pumps, and the balancing act they must attempt to carry out between their intake of food, their medication doses, and their level of exercise. Added to that for type 2 diabetics who are carrying extra weight will often be advise on weight loss programs. And all of that is very important, and all diabetics should do the best they can with all of those, as advised by their physicians. But that is usually not sufficient to live well with the disease, without the ultimate development of symptoms and complications.

The goal of an integrated approach to diabetes is to provide the body with the nutrient and herbal supplements needed to help prevent diabetic complications that could ultimately be life-threatening, while also preventing the miserable symptoms that too many people living with diabetes suffer from, day in and day out.

People living with diabetes are often deficient in a number of very important nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids. Those nutrient deficiencies can leave the body vulnerable to damage that could have been prevented with optimal nutrient levels. Those deficiencies can leave the body unable to repair itself. And those deficiencies can lead to many troubling symptoms.

In addition, because of the demands of the disease, diabetics may need much higher levels of certain nutrients, well beyond what would counter a simple deficiency state. Those higher levels may be crucial for protecting the body against diabetic complications and reversing body damage which has already occurred.

There is also substantial research that shows that certain specific micronutrients and herbs can help to block the pathways via which elevated blood sugar leads to body damage. By using such micronutrients and herbs long-term, diabetics can at least help to lessen the risk of the internal damage that leads to diabetic complications.

Thus, for many diabetics, it will be crucial to improve the overall diet, increase the intake of specific foods that may be useful as rich sources of nutrients, and use optimal levels of micronutrient supplements, along with the herbs that have been shown to be helpful. The combination of these may provide significant protection against the development of diabetic complications, while also improving or preventing the development of symptoms that can adversely affect quality of life.

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Lark Lands does over-the-phone individual health education consultations for those living with diabetes. The ultimate aim of doing the consults is to assist each person in creating and fine-tuning an individualized, integrated program based on each person’s particular needs, and ensure that each person has a full understanding of all the components of an aggressive, comprehensive, integrated approach to diabetes.

The intent of the consult is to help each person narrow down the flood of information that many people find online into a carefully designed program that is individualized specifically for them. Information will be provided on antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids and other nutrients and herbs that can help block the damage that diabetes can cause, address current symptoms, and provide the base needed for long-term health.

Based on the case history and other information given to her either in advance or during the consult, Lark will discuss with each person the components that should be considered for a total approach, including the nutrients and other therapeutics that might be appropriate for that person, whether the goal is addressing current problems or simply creating a long-term health maintenance plan, along with recommendations for discussions with the person’s physician about any drug or medical care issues. NOTE: no medical recommendations can or will be made. Those are appropriately obtained only from your physician.

Please see the “Consults” link for more information on how to arrange a personal consultation